Young people are unmotivated to excel due to lack of vocational prospects. After high school, they have nowhere to go and nothing to do.

Seeing no future to work toward, they often begin making destructive decisions at a young age. The school life expectancy in South Africa is age 14 (



There are people living in a state of high stress, experiencing trauma, and surrounded by violence as a normal way of life.

In order to survive, people repress their emotional needs. This results in psychosomatic symptoms (physical manifestations of psychological problems) and significant emotional delays.



The Good News of grace in Jesus Christ has been polluted by legalism, influences from other religions, and ancestor worship.

Superstition and witchcraft continue to have a deceptive hold over many peoples' hearts and lives due to limited education and

Outreach programmes


Kids’ club

To share the love of Jesus with AIDS infected and affected orphans and other needy children in the Valley of 1000 Hills. To enhance the children’s major & minor motor skill development as well as muscle development by planning activities that use all the muscle groups and that promote learning and coordination.


Mercy ministry

This ministry aims to provide a great opportunity to live out our mission, which is to share God’s love in a practical way with the orphans and needy people in the community.


Education programmes 

Many orphans have little input from caring adults and few good role models.  We train and equip children and teenagers, guiding them in leading moral and upright lives through various programs such as:
• Life skills
• Bible study groups
• Mentorship
• Computers


Skills Training

To offer training, give assistance and encouragement to unemployed youths and caregivers to have an opportunity to make a living through:  
• Sewing
• Baking
• Gardening