John 1:16-17 From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another. For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

GRACE HAS A DOUBLE BLESSING FOR YOU Jesus grace is good news and its a free gift to all who want it. Living in grace, is believing that God is good and then choosing to live daily by the Spirit, in His love, intimacy, favor, blessingforgiveness, provision, health, rest, joy, peace, empowering, abundant life...... etc, etc. It's a complete salvation (Greek=sozo) gift package earned for us by Jesus on the cross.

Our part is to decide if we want to live in this beautiful gift that our loving Father has given us or if we want to continue trusting in ourselves, our works, our religious rules and regulations - by our own effort and sweat.

Holy Spirit says "Come my beloved and enter into my rest, let me lead you into a quite place today, let go and let me." (Heb.4:10)(Ps.23:1). Thank you #Lord! Curses

WHICH SYSTEM ARE YOU UNDER? Under the system of Law, Deut.30:19 state that you will receive Blessing + Curses. As its based on your imperfect performance and obedience. Under the system of Grace, John.1:16 states that we received Blessing + Blessing. There is no longer any curse because grace is based on Jesus' perfect performance and obedience. Not much of a choice, huh?

blessed 333

BLESSED TO BLESS For too long we have been trying to minister to others out of our poverty and own resources. Lets face it, when you are sick, depressed, fearful, penniless and have family problems you are consumed with getting your own life right - it's amazingly difficult to be intimate with God and to reach out to others in need. The good news is that God blesses us simply because we are His beloved children, but the wonderful spin off is that our blessings enable us and the Jesus' Spirit within us compels us to share these blessings.... a wonderful ripple effect upon society.  God's way is simply good news all round.

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