Casting stonesGrace always see the best in people. Grace is prophetic in nature: Seeing who people for who they are and what they can become as beloved children of God. Law on the other hand always finds fault and condemns. And Satan always accuses - his name means "Accuser". Remembering this, we must beware of fault finding, accusing  and judging (Rom.7:1) others. To do so would indicate that every area of our lives are perfect, spotless and totally open for inspection, and let's be honest, who of us can claim that kind of righteousness and perfection except by the grace of God? History has shown that the self righteous will always be put to the test and hypocrites are eventually exposed. Many preachers of judgment and condemnation have ended up doing the very things that they were quick to judge and condemn in other "sinners". Sometimes the fallen inclination remaining within our minds may cause us to point out others sins and faults instead of their righteousness in Christ - but we can resist doing this by renewing the way we think. We can ask the Holy Spirit to help us stop and instead show us the prophetic potential of each person and the positive things about them. Jesus' grace is the solution to all sin, not our law, judgment, anger, condemnation and exposure of others (Rom.6:14). If you know someone who is battling, instead of judging and condemning them why not come alongside them in prayer and love.