Sharing the Bible with a Muslim

IS38 Muslims are taught that the Bible is from God but that it has been corrupted over the years. They have to believe this because the Quran contains many Bible stories but the details differ a lot . Muslims believe that the Quran is the final holy book given to God's final prophet Mohammed, and that it is without error. This is partly why it doesn't work having long theological debates with Muslims as they just don't believe in our source of authority, the Bible. However, many Muslims have never actually been able to read a Bible as it is considered wrong and in some communities even dangerous to own one. We believe in the power of the Word and therefore it can help Muslims if you challenge them to read a Bible for themselves, on line, or down load a bible app in their own language. They can then read it privately and compare it to what they read in the Quran. We have faith that the true Word of God, Jesus Christ, will be made clear and will bear fruit in every life.

Here is a Arabic bible app connection you can give them: الكتاب المقدس by Faith Comes by Hearing -  :

It is only the grace and love of Jesus Christ that will set people free, this is our testimony and when we share our personal testimony of God's grace and salvation, this is something no other person can deny and it is something that will always touch the most hardened heart even if it is not evident at the time. Be blessed. Garry