MISSION- SPREADING THE GOOD NEWS OF JESUS SALVATION AND GRACE. As an organization we are committed to go and spread the good news among the poor and needy, especially in the rural areas of South Africa and in the nations where Christians are persecuted. Partner with us. We will go where others will not go.

Based on Luke 10:

*Jesus has appointed us to go as the harvest is plentiful.

*We are appointed to go in teams  - at least two people.

* We teach and demonstrate the good news of Jesus, His grace and His kingdom.

*We will be like lambs among wolves. This means we will confront evil men and demonic power. But our Shepherd Jesus is with us and will overcome. Demons will submit to us (v17) as Satan has fallen! Deliverance is a major part of the harvest stratery.

*We are to take very little with us as we are to rely on the hospitality if the community. This way they will come to own the message they have invested in.

*We are not there to give handouts but the message that will change lives. Help for the community can come later through the church plant, if they receive the good news.

* Initially the focus needs to be on the message of Jesus and power of the Spirit.

* We go to find the God anointed local person of peace within the community and work with them to extend the kingdom and lead a church plant once people come to faith.

* We stay in the local community, in one place, eating and drinking their food, without paying for it. This establishes ownership and investment into the message by the local community and avoids the "handout" missionary mentality.

* Holy Spirit ministry is crucial, the preaching of grace, the kingdom and healing of the sick and demonized must all be offered in faith:

  1. We establish the centrality of Jesus as Lord and Saviour.
  2. We build a clear foundation of the good news of grace and our identity as Gods children.
  3. We teach on the Spirit and demonstrate His power.
  4. People are saved and born again.
  5. We heal and cast out demons.
  6. We establish fellowship.

* If the community rejects the message, go door to door proclaiming the kingdom and then move on, maybe to come back at a later time once the seed of our message has taken root.


* Every mission needs workers to go and people to support it financially. Contact us if you are able to do either.

* A mission taking six people for a long weekend costs us about R1800-00 transport and food.

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There are people everywhere waiting for us to come and share: Zululand, Mozambique, Pakistan, Lesotho, India.... we need to go,go,go!