Law in the New Testament


Q: WHAT DOES THE HOLY SPIRIT TEACH ABOUT THE LAW IN THE NEW TESTAMENT? A: THE LAW ALIENATES AND SEPARATES US FROM CHRIST AND GRACE!!!      quick link If this is so, which it is, then why are so many ministries obsessed with preaching law? This is what the New Testament teaches to believers and it will blow your mind if you choose to believe.

Gal 5:4 (NIV) You who are trying to be justified by the law have been alienated from Christ; you have fall from grace. (KJV)) Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; you are fallen from grace.

The law alienates us from Jesus (Gal.5:4) The law separates us from grace (Gal.5:4)(Gal2;21) Seeking righteousness through the law means Christ died for nothing (Gal.2:21) The law produces death in us (2Co.3:7) Law keeping nullifies the promises of God (Ro.4:14)

Jesus has fulfilled the requirements of the law (Mt.5:17) For believers Christ is the end of the law (Ro.10:4) The law was cancelled on the cross (Col.2:14) Jesus set aside the law (Eph.2:15)(H eb.7:18) The law is now obsolete (Heb.8:13) We are not under the law but under grace (Ro.6:15) We are dead to the law (Ro.7:4) We have been delivered and set free from the law (Ro.7:6) Spirit filled believers are not under the law (Gal.5:18) jesus paid No one can be justified by the law (Gal.2:16) No one can obtain righteousness through keeping the law (Ro.3:20) Love has fulfilled the law (Ro.13:8)(Gal.5:14)

Those who try to keep the law are cursed (Gal.3:10) Those who observe the law are under God’s wrath (Ro.4:15)

The law is useless in restraining lust and sensuality (Col.2:23) The law gives sin its power (1Co.15:56) The law provokes sin (Ro.7:5) The law produces lust (Ro.7:8) The law increases sinning (Ro.5:20) The law condemns us (2Co.3:9)


The law is powerless, weak and useless (Ro.8:3)(Heb.7:18) The law is just a shadow not the reality (Heb.10:1)

We are not ministers of the law (2 Co.3:6) The law is for the unsaved Jew who are under the law, not for born again believers (Ro.3:19)(1Co.9:20)

Yes, the law is good when it is used to expose unrighteousness, sin and the need to be saved, but for us who are saved it has no purpose and is obsolete. Mixing law and grace dishonors both the cross and Christ. We are instructed to get rid of the Old Covenant and it's law, as it has no part in Christian life (Gal.4:24-31).