FINDING JESUS IN THE OLD TESTAMENT:When reading the Old Testament we should be looking for shadows and types (Heb.10:1) of Jesus: His Cross, His Kingdom, His Church, His New Covenant, His Gospel of Grace.

The Old Testament is not a book of laws and principles to live by, but actually an Exposer of mankind's need to be saved and Gods plan for salvation through Jesus Christ. If you read with Spiritual eyes you will see prophetic symbols and types of Jesus everywhere in the Old Testament.

Jesus said "The scriptures are about me". They always point to Jesus in someway (Jn5:39), this should be the way we use them. You will find that if you read the scriptures in this way and in this spirit , to seek Jesus and His grace, they will come alive and make so much more sense. Jesus is the key to unlocking the Bible - by the revelation of the Spirit. jesus 3

We should value the whole of the scriptures, but interpret the Old by the New Testament, not the other way around. Be prepared to spend time to look and see, you will be greatly blessed.

I will be sending out some examples from time to time which I hope will excite you and provoke you to spend more time finding Jesus in the Bible and seeing the link between the Old and New...

Be blessed. ------------------------------ Here's an example : (Numbers 2:1-34)

The Cross found in Israel's camp.

camp Map out the way Israel was called to set up camp around the Tabernacle and you will see hat from above they would have looked like a cross. A constant reminder to God of His Son and His grace towards this sinful people. See the symbolism?

Coming Next: Ezekiel 1 reveals the glorified Jesus??