Listen to good news: is a move of the Spirit re-establishing us in our identity; we have grace, favor, blessing because we are children of Abba Father. We are not sinners, but saints. We are nor servants but sons who's nature is righteousness not sin. Hear the good news of what Jesus has done for us and who we are as part of him.


[sermons] Jesus was given a unique anointing of joy from the Father (Heb.1:9). This same anointing is ours as part of the Body of Christ. Joy is also a fruit of the Spirit and is a part of our new character. Joy, happiness and laughter are evidence of the abundant life that has Jesus imparted to us. For many times are dark and negative so hear the good news and receive a gift of joy from Abba Father.

Hear the good news of the promises Jesus has given us in Isaiah 61

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