Mallorie Miller was born 5 February 1984 in Ohio, USA. She grew up in a loving, non-Christian family. She became aware of God’s love for her when she was fifteen years old and surrendered her life to God.Mallorie’s passion for learning about God and about people led her to study Religion and Psychology at Ashland University. After graduating in 2006, she was called to participate in the World Race, a missions experience through Adventures in Missions that traveled to eleven countries in eleven months. While she enjoyed serving in Central/South America and Asia, it was southern Africa that captured her heart. This is also when she discovered her call to full-time vocational ministry. From 2008-2010, Mallorie attended Ashland Theological Seminary and served as the short-term missions coordinator for the University’s missions program. She also served as the local missions coordinator at 5 Stones Community Church during this time. In 2009, Mallorie led a missions trip with seven Ashland University students to spend 2.5 weeks working with Orphan Aid ministry in the Valley of 1,000 Hills near Durban, South Africa. From 2011-2015, Mallorie worked in the Global Education Office and Christian Ministry Office at Ashland University. She returned to South Africa in 2012 to visit her friends and consult regarding Isaiah House Ministry vision implementation. She also led student mission teams to work with Isaiah House in Molweni, South Africa in 2014 (eight students) and 2015 (seven students). The teams worked with the local IH ministry team to do evangelism in Molweni, encourage the children and youth and conduct discipleship classes in neighboring areas. Mallorie is currently the Assistant Director of Christian Ministry at Ashland University and leads The Well kingdom movement. Between 150-200 AU students meet each week to have transforming encounters with the living God. Mallorie is accountable to a group of other mature Christians through her small group through 5 Stones Church and a small network of good friends. She is currently pursuing ordination through the Brethren Church. She lives in Ashland, Ohio, and is a Grace-Love-Truth Ambassador in the USA.

Mallorie has a passion for:

  • Jesus and His Kingdom
  • Resting in being the beloved of God
  • Experiencing a unified and diverse global Church
  • Spreading the message of God’s grace in a performance-based culture
  • Helping people re-align their identities to experience abundant life in Christ
  • Helping people experience greater intimacy with God
  • Praying for people and watching Jesus set them free
  • Working with Jesus to transform young adults’ lives through inciting incidents (mission trips, retreats, events) and ongoing spiritual formation (weekly corporate worship, small groups, mentoring)