Glorifying Jesus and Empowering People by Sharing His Good News of Grace

ACTS 20:24


About us

We are a national and international network of cross cultural, mission orientated churches that empower, equip and establishes people in the grace, love and truth that has come through Jesus Christ. We provide assistance to Orphans in formerly disadvantaged communities in the valley of 1000 Hills as well as run The Isaiah House, a Christ-centered community development ministry. The Isaiah House seeks to position the people of Lower Molweni to know Jesus Christ and to be transformed holistically.


values and beliefs

These are some of the values and beliefs that we hold dear. They are offered humbly, yet with strong conviction, in the hope that they will reveal our heart and zeal to any interested party. We recognize that other believers may have different values and beliefs and we honor and respect different opinions based on the revelation of the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures. We fully accept that we all see and know in part and that we are all on a journey into deeper intimacy with God.


The team

Meet the team of incredible people behind Grace-Love-Truth.  We're passionate about Jesus and what we do.